Our services as ship agents and port operators to your esteemed company in the same manner and quality that is being provided to our regular principals, as compared to other agents who lack the resources and hardware at our control. All agency and port operation services are provided at very competitive rates with quality and we look forward to receipt of any of your inquiries for all Iranian ports and cargo terminals covering all ship / cargo types. We can include your good name in our circular list to keep you updated on port line ups, information and new changes in the port operations or regulations on regular basis, however please do not hesitate to submit any of your inquires at any time.
Our chartering and brokering department is ready to receive any cargo inquiry in any Iranian ports either north or south of Iran and by having a handful list of ship owners/ multinational head charterers/ Brokers/ and also having connection with most of Iranian companies involved in export and import of different materials. Our major merit is that because of our group of expertise we could handle any shipment (mineral/bulk/break bulk/general cargo/heavy lifts/chemical/petrochemical/oil and oil products) in all Iranian ports.
Bandar Anzali, Nowshahr, and AmirAbad ports to / from:
• Ports of Russian Federation (Astrakhan and Makhachkala)
• Ports of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Aktau)
• Ports of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Baku)
• Ports of the Republic of Turkmenistan, (Turkmenbashi)